PhD /Harvard University/2020 — present
MA/Sorbonne Université/2020/Magna Cum Laude
BA/Classe prépa/Lycée Louis Pasteur/2017/Magna Cum Laude


Language Fellowship/Vassar College/2018—2020
I led discussion sections for intermediary-level courses taught by Prof. Mark W. Andrews, Prof. Anne Brancky, Prof. Patricia-Pia Célérier, Prof. Kathleen Hart, and Prof. Thomas Parker.

Grammar and vocabulary exercises, digital storytelling projects.
In this section I offered a weekly survey of topics such as ‘Les Gilets jaunes,’ ‘La Sécurité sociale,’ ‘Emmanuel Macron et l’écologie,’ ‘Les Français et le foot,’ ‘La Francophonie,’ etc. Students would study and discuss a whole range of media and debate about various issues related to the topic of the week. For their ‘end-of-the-semester projects,’ students had to make a short film, using several techniques and tropes of the French New Wave: click here to see first-year students Ivy Basseches and Evelyn Lochart’s project.

I also had the opportunity to teach a longer session on French feminism at Vassar, from Simone de Beauvoir—whose memorable stay at Vassar is related in her L'Amérique au jour le jour (1948)—to Monique Wittig—who taught there in the 1980s. The lesson plan included readings in French, followed by a discussion of Beauvoir’s ideas, how they related to existentialism, and Wittig’s reading of Beauvoir. We wrapped up the session around a song by Angèle.

X-radiograph, Vincent van Gogh (1853–1890), Wheat Field with Cypresses, 1889,
Oil on canvas, 28 7/8 × 36 3/4 in., The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.